Rootstock Quince A

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Quince rootstocks, seedling and clonal, have been used for pear production for many years. Quince A (approx. 70% of seedling) and Quince C (approximately 60% of seedling) are amongst the most common of the clonal quince stocks. While generally good performers there are a couple of challenges associated with quince stocks.

One limitation is the incompatibility of quince with many important European pear scion cultivars such as Williams, Beurre Bosc and Packham. This is overcome with the use of interstems of compatible cultivars such as Beurre Hardy or Doyenne Du Commice. There is also a Williams clone that is compatible with quince stocks.

Quince rootstocks are also susceptible to lime induced chlorosis, which is associated with alkaline soils (high pH) or excessive use of lime producing soils with PH above 7.