Red Gravenstein Apple (super-dwarf)

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Apple Red Gravenstein is a splendid red apple that is a sport of Gravenstein a famous eating apple. Red Gravenstein was found by Van Sent V. Whipple in Washington, USA in 1907-1908. It is the same as the Gravenstein except the large fruit has mottled deep red skin. Fine crisp tender flesh that is slightly sweet and aromatic - a distinctive flavour that brings back good memories for many that enjoyed Gravenstein as children in their parent's or grandparent's garden. Ripens early in the season, January to February over a few weeks.

• Pollination Group: PG2
• Uses: eating, cooking, cider
• Harvest: January-February
• Chill requirement: low
• Features: splendid early red apple with fine crisp tender flesh

Reference Smith Muriel W.G. (1971) National Apple Register of the United Kingdom. London: Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. 

Reference Beach S.A. et al. (1903). The Apples of New York, Volume II Report of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station for the year 1903. State of New York - Department of Agriculture. Albany: J.B. Lyon Company, 1905.