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Donsworth Japanese Blood Plum (dwarf)

One of the blood plums, i.e. has blood red flesh. Medium sized fruit, dark red over mottled green skin. Sweet flavour and soft when fully ripe, fine textured, juicy. Pollination Group: cross pollinate with another Japanese plum, esp. Satsuma,...

Elephant Heart Japanese Blood Plum (dwarf)

Large, cricket ball-size plums. This variety was developed by Luther Burbank and released in 1929. Sometimes called a “blood plum” because of its dark-red flesh. Fruit is juicy and flavorful – excellent for eating fresh or...

Narrabeen Japanese Plum (dwarf)

Plum 'Narrabeen' is a Japanese plum that has big juicy round fruit with skin that is red over a yellow background. The sweet flesh is yellow/cream-coloured, freestone.  Pollination Group: best with Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Mariposa Uses: eating,...

Santa Rosa Japanese Plum (dwarf)

Sweet, slightly tart flavour, ideal for stewing and jam making as well as eating. Medium fruit with red to crimson skin. Yellow flesh, slightly pink under the skin. Pollination Group: part self-fertile, cross pollinate with another Japanese plum...

Satsuma Japanese Blood Plum (dwarf)

Sweet with slight tartness: great for eating, stewing and jam making. Dark, blood red flesh medium sized dark red fruit with a lilac coloured bloom. Pollination Group: cross pollinate with another Japanese plum Uses: eating, stewing, jam Harvest: mid i...