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Beurre Bosc Pear (semi-dwarf)

A seedling pear found by Dr Van Mons, growing in the garden of M. Swates at Linkebeeke, France. It was named after M. Bosc, the Director of the Jardin des Plantes, at Paris. Fruits have yellowish, tender, juicy flesh with a perfumed flavour. A...

Gin Perry Pear (semi-dwarf)

Orange-red over yellow coloured fruit. Vintage quality. Highly disease resistant. May be biennial. Fruit can be stored up to five weeks before milling. Medium sharp variety. Pollination Group: Buerre Bosc, Williams, Comice, Winter Nellis,...

Green Horse Perry Pear (semi-dwarf)

Large, rounded fruit also suitable for preserving.  High acid/low tannin. Medium sharp variety. Pollination Group: Conference, Buerre Hardy, Josephine, Packham’s, Nijisseki, Clapp’s Favourite, Chojuro, Kosui. Size: to approx...

Moorcroft Perry Pear (semi-dwarf)

Colourful synonyms for this variety include Stinking Bishop, Malvern Pear and Choke Pear. From wild pears, originating in the Forest of Dean in the Wye Valley, this particular variety of pear was grafted by local farmers as early as the 1400s...

Yellow Huff-cap Perry Pear (semi-dwarf)

A Herefordshire perry pear. Small fruit heavily russeted, flesh yellow with a greenish tinge. Medium to high acid, low tannin. Medium sharp variety. Pollination Group: Buerre Bosc, Williams, Comice, Winter Nelis, Winter Cole, Doyenne Du Comice,...