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Albatross Peach

Peach Albatross (Prunus persica ‘Albatross’) has very large fruit with light yellow skin, crimson tinged and speckled with darker crimson. The almost round juicy fruit has white flesh that has red colouring next to the stone. It was grown...

Anzac Peach

Released in 1915 and named in honour of the Anzacs who were then creating the legend they were to become.
Dark red over pale green coloured fruit. Light white/green flesh, freestone. Juicy, sweet to slightly tart and soft when ripe. Very popular variety...

Bendigo Beauty Peach

Delicious juicy peach with white flesh and red/yellow skin that ripens in early January. • Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other pollinators needed • Uses: eating, cooking, bottling, preserving • Harvest: early January •...

Brigg's Red May Peach

Peach ‘Brigg’s Early May’ originated about 1870 as a chance seedling on the farm of John G. Briggs near Yuba City, California. Fruit medium to large, round, skin white with a rich red cheek; flesh greenish-white, melting, juicy, free;...
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Elberta Peach

One of the most popular peaches ever, freestone. Great all-rounder being suitable for eating, juice and preserving. Pollination Group: self-fertile Height x width: 3m x 3-4m Uses: eating Harvest: February Features: freestone

Fayette Peach

This vigorously growing peach tree produces large round fruit with yellow and red skin with yellow flesh and freestone. Originates from California in 1966. • Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other pollinators needed • Uses: eating,...

Golden Queen Peach

Medium size, yellow-orange fruit with yellow flesh. A well regarded eating variety and also good for canning. Pollination Group: self-fertile Uses: eating, preserving Harvest: March Features: yellow flesh, clingstone Image (accessed...

Peacharine Nectarine

A mouth-watering cross between a peach and a nectarine. Smooth skin with yellow, sweet, juicy, clingstone flesh. Pollination Group: self-fertile Uses: eating Harvest: mid-January Size: 3m-4m wide x 3m tall

Red Haven Peach

Originated in South Haven, Michigan in 1930, introduced in 1940. High quality fruit eaten fresh. Suitable for canning and freezing. Almost fuzzless skin over firm, creamy textured yellow flesh. Tree is heavy-bearing and easy to grow and maintain...

Springold Peach

This American variety released in 1966 has small to medium sized juicy fruit with firm yellow flesh, red over yellow skin and cling stone. Fruit copes well with transport. • Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other pollinators needed • Uses:...

Wiggins Peach

One of the all time favourite old varieties, excellent eating quality, sweet and juicy. Pollination Group: self-fertile Uses: eating Harvest: early - mid-January Features: freestone, white flesh Image (accessed 31/3/15)