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Angel™ - Flat Peach Peach (dwarf)

Peach Angel™ (Prunus persica ‘Angel™’) is an unusual looking flat-shaped peach with amber to red skin. It has flavoursome juicy white flesh. • Pollination Group: The majority of peaches are self-fertile i.e. they...

Anzac Peach (dwarf)

Released in 1915 and named in honour of the Anzacs who were then creating the legend they were to become.
Dark red over pale green coloured fruit. Light white/green flesh, freestone. Juicy, sweet to slightly tart and soft when ripe. Very popular variety...

Blackboy Peach (dwarf)

The dwarf peach ‘Blackboy’ is a late maturing freestone peach with purple/red flesh and skin. It’s melting texture, distinctive flavour and striking colour makes it attractive as an eating peach that can also be bottled, cooked and...

Crimson Rocket Peach (dwarf columnar)

The Dwarf Peach Crimson Rocket (Prunus persica ‘Crimson Rocket’) is a narrow columnar peach tree that grows to about 2m tall with branches that grow upwards. The medium to large round fruit have yellow and mostly red blushed skin and...

Dwarf Yellow Peach

This is a true dwarf peach reaching a height of around 1.5 metres and a similar width. Sweet tasting, red-skinned, yellow-flesh, mid-season.  Pollination Group: self-fertile Uses: eating Harvest: late December - early January Features: true...

Elberta Peach (dwarf)

One of the most popular peaches ever, freestone. Great all-rounder being suitable for eating, juice and preserving. Pollination Group: self-fertile Height x width: 2m x 2m Uses: eating Harvest: February Features: Features: Dwarf approx. 50% of standard...

Fresno Peach (dwarf)

Prunus persica ‘Fresno' is a yellow fleshed freestone peach with red skin. Fruit is large, round, firm, sweet and juicy. • Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other pollinators needed • Uses: eating, juice • Harvest: early i.e. late...

Golden Queen Peach (dwarf)

Medium size, yellow-orange fruit with yellow flesh. A well regarded eating variety and also good for canning. • Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other pollinators needed • Uses: eating, preserving • Harvest: late i.e. March ...

O'Henry Peach (dwarf)

Delightful yellow-fleshed freestone peach. Starts sweet and acid ripening to very sweet and aromatic when fully ripe. • Pollination Group: self-fertile so no other pollinators needed • Uses: eating • Harvest: mid to late, i.e. late...

Peacharine Nectarine (dwarf)

A mouth-watering cross between a peach and a nectarine. Smooth skin with yellow, sweet, juicy, clingstone flesh. Pollination Group: self-fertile Uses: eating Harvest: mid-January Size: 2m x 2m

Red Noonan Peach (dwarf)

Red Noonan is a rich flavoured, white-fleshed freestone peach. Great eating, juicing and also drying. Reliable cropper. Pollination Group: self-fertile Height x width: 2m x 2m Uses: eating, juicing, drying Harvest: mid January to mid February ...

Silvan Sunset™ Peach (dwarf)

Silvan Sunset™ Prunus persica 'Silvan Sunset' has gorgeous pink blossom with a deeper pink centre in early spring followed by medium size cling stone fruit, golden in colour, sweet and juicy. It is a heavy bearer so unless fruit is thinned...

Sunset™ Peach (super-dwarf)

Prunus persica 'Sunset Peach™' is a low maintenance tree ideal for backyards, pots, or tubs because of its compact size. It bears sweet, firm and juicy white-fleshed, clingstone fruit. Spring blossom is followed by foliage with purple-red...

Valley Red Peach (super-dwarf)

Prunus persica 'Valley Red' has firm, delicious, sweet flavoured golden flesh freestone peaches. Skin is has a pink blush over an orange background. Fruit follows rose-pink flowers and is medium in size. Trees grow to around 2m x 2m.:  Pollination...

White Gold™ Peach (dwarf)

White Gold™ is the name given to the Fragar peach variety by a group of wholesale nurseries that grow it on a dwarfing rootstock for the retail market. Fragar arose in the early 20th century in the small non-commercial farm orchard of Frank Fragar...