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Crimson Baby Nectarine (dwarf)

Nectarine Crimson Baby is a popular compact tree great for small gardens and large tubs growing to 2 m high and 2 m wide (requires staking). The fruit has red and yellow skin with flecks, yellow flesh, and clingstone. • Pollination Group: The...

Dwarf Nectarine

Growing to 1.5 to 2.0 metres and a similar width. Sweet, mid-season.  Pollination Group: self-fertile Uses: eating Harvest: January Features: yellow flesh Generic image

Early Rivers Nectarine (dwarf)

Early fruiting with white flesh, freestone. Old variety, small, tender and juicy fruit. Reliable bearer. A dessert variety also suitable for stewing, preserving or drying. • Uses: eating, stewing, cooking, bottling, preserving, drying• Harvest:...

Fantasia Nectarine (dwarf)

Delicious freestone home garden variety with vivid orange-red fruits with juicy yellow flesh. Leave to ripen fully on the tree for the sweetest fruit. • Pollination Group: self-fertile (does not require another pollinator)• Uses: eating,...

Goldmine Nectarine (dwarf)

A popular variety bred in New Zealand in the mid-20th century. Red over yellow-green skin, white flesh, freestone variety. Low chill requirement so suitable for a wider range of climates. • Uses: eating • Harvest: mid-February to late •...

TangO® Nectarine (dwarf)

The TangO® Nectarine (Prunus persica var. nectarina 'TangO'®) is an unusually shaped nectarine with flattened fruit, sweet yellow flesh and red skin. • Uses: eating, preserving, cooking • Pollination: self-pollinating • Harvest:...