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Black Genoa Fig

Black Genoa is the leading commercial variety for fresh fruit production. The tree has an open and spreading habit. The fruit is dark purple at maturity, with red seeds and white flesh. It is a squat, pear-shaped fruit. It has a distinctive flavour and...

Brown Turkey Fig

Brown Turkey is a small tree with sparse foliage. It crops well in most situations, but does not usually produce a breba crop. It is susceptible to souring during wet weather in coastal areas, but the fruit is reasonably resistant to splitting. Fruit is...

Deanna Fig

Deanna is a large fig that ripens to a greenish yellow colour. The strawberry to amber flesh is considered to be of very good quality. The small eye helps to minimise spoiling. It was developed at UC Davis, Riverside and has good cold hardiness. Image

Preston Prolific Fig

Preston Prolific is thought to be a seedling of Black Genoa and originated in Victoria. The tree is vigorous with large leaves. The fruits are borne on a short stalk and green when immature, changing from straw to purplish brown when fully ripe. The...

White Genoa Fig

White Genoa crops well in coastal and inland areas. Fruit has greenish-yellow skin and pale amber flesh, pleasant, sweet flavour.  Image