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Alice Eastwood Lilac

Lilac Alice Eastwood (Syringa xhyacinthiflora 'Alice Eastwood') has magnificent fragrant magenta to mauve double flowers in spring, that are a deeper red to purple when in bud. This long-lived deciduous rounded shrub has green leaves that are...

Persian Lilac (Lilac Persica)

The Persian Lilac, Syringa × persica, is a hybrid between S. afghanica and S. x laciniata. Smaller and more heat tolerant than Syringa vulgaris it is a compact deciduous lilac that typically grows to less than 2m tall and around 2-3m wide. The...

Sensation Lilac

Syringa vulgaris 'Sensation' (Lilac) bears unusual bicolor, sweetly scented flowers in large, pyramidal panicles of purplish red florets with white edges. Flowers in late spring. Recipient of the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit...

Sweatheart Lilac

Syringa ×hyacinthiflora 'Sweetheart' (Lilac) bears clusters heart-shaped, pale to deep pink double flowers after rose-pink buds. Flowers are sweetly scented and appear in mid-spring. Around 3m tall x 2m wide. Origin: W.B. Clarke, California, USA,...