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Prunus 'Erecta-Amanogawa' Flowering Cherry

First recorded in 1886 and described in 1916 by Japanese botanist Manabu Miyosho (as Prunus serrulata f, erecta), P. Erecta-Amanogawa* blossoms profusely with semi-double, light pink flowers set closely to the erect branches. Flowers are sweet scented,...

Prunus 'Fugenzo' Flowering Cherry

Syn. Prunus 'J. H. Veitch-Fugenzo' (incorrect) Prunus 'Fugenzo' is one of the most beautiful of the flowering cherries with a long history in Japanese gardening stretching back 500 or more years. This may in part explain the confusing range of names...

Prunus 'Kanzan' Flowering Cherry

The beautiful Kanzan Japanese Flowering Cherry (Prunus serrulata 'Kanzan') is a double pink ornamental flowering cherry from Japan. It is also known as 'Sekiyama'. This deciduous tree has a number of seasonal highlights and is one of the most popular...

Prunus 'Mt Fuji-Shirotae' Flowering Cherry

The stunning Shirotae Japanese Flowering Cherry (Prunus serrulata 'Shirotae') is a double/semi-double white with pink blush ornamental flowering cherry from Japan. It is probably most popularly known as the Mt Fuji Flowering Cherry (Prunus serrulata 'Mt...

Prunus 'Shōgetsu' Flowering Cherry

Commonly misnamed in Australia as Prunus 'Shimidsu Sakura'. Somewhere in the history of recording flowering cherries the highly prized P. 'Shogetsu' was misnamed as P. 'Shimidsu Sakura'. While the naming is not precise the plant itself is unmistakable...

Prunus 'Tai-Haku' Flowering Cherry

The Tai-Haku or Taihaku Japanese Flowering Cherry (Prunus serrulata 'Tai-Haku') has large single white flowers to 6 cm wide, and pink buds from October. The new leaves in spring are a bronze colour, becoming green for summer, then orangey yellow in...

Prunus campanulata Formosan Cherry Flowering Cherry

Formosan Cherry (Prunus campanulata) is a deciduous tree from Taiwan with upright growth to 4-7 m tall and not very wide. It has prolific magenta blossoms that are small and bell-shaped, in clusters, and flowers very early in the season. It has dark...

Prunus serrulata 'Pink Perfection' Flowering Cherry

While the name is prosaic, Prunus 'Pink Perfection' is unerringly accurate in describing this cultivar. Flowering in groups of three to seven flowers, red buds become pink when fully opened. Flowers are quite large, up to 6cm in diameter. One of the most...

Prunus serrulata 'Ukon' Flowering Cherry

Prunus 'Ukon', a very old variety, is a superior cherry amongst the greenish or cream-coloured forms. Ukon is the Japanese word for turmeric, the ground dried root of an Indian ginger plant, which imparts a yellow colour in curries. Although not as...