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Blue Crop Blueberry

Midseason, ripens in January, to 2.1m. Heavy yields of big, attractive light blue, very large and firm, well-flavoured berries, make this variety very popular. Harvest: Mid-Season

Blue Rose Blueberry

Large, clumping variety to 2.5m. Best eaten fresh. Progressive ripening giving longer harvest period. Harvest: Long mid season harvest

Brigitta Blueberry

Tall vigorous upright bush to 2.4m. Large, medium blue, firm fruit with good flavour. Keeps well, Ripens two weeks after Bluecrop with similar size berries. An Australian developed variety now grown world wide. DESERVEDLY OUR MOST POPULAR BLUEBERRY...

Earliblue Blueberry

One of the earliest, ripening from early December. Upright habit, moderate vigour. Medium large, light blue fruit on loose clusters, resistant to cracking with good flavour and quality. Harvest: Early December

Elliot Blueberry

Very late variety. Medium vigour, semi upright bush, heavy yields of small to medium, powder blue firm, slightly tart berries. Compact harvest period. Berries soften with extreme temperature. Suits cooler districts. Harvest: Very late variety, February...

Northland Blueberry

Vigorous variety grows to around 1.5 metres with medium sized, sweet, dark coloured fruit. Tolerates a wide range of summer and winter extremes. Fruit ripens throughout summer from late December. Harvest: From late December to March