Lewis hazelnut

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Lewis is a variety that originated in Oregon USA. It is grown mainly for it’s kernels. Hazelnuts prefer mild summers and cool winters (temperate climate) and do best when a number of conditions are met: annual rainfall of over 750 mm or additional irrigation especially while establishing after planting; and protection from wind and high summer temperatures.

• Pollination Group: Male and female flowers on the same tree don’t always flower at the same time so it is best to have other varieties present nearby to improve pollination, in particular: Barcelona, Tonda Di Giffoni, Hall’s Giant, TB Cosford
• Uses: eating, cooking, roasting
• Harvest: nuts fall (Feb to March)
• Chill requirement: Good yields require long cold periods of 5 to 7 deg C for about 1,200 hours. Female flowers are vulnerable to frosts of below -5 deg C especially when opening.
• Features: nuts may fall and separate from their husks

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