Kentish Cherry

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Prunus cerasus Kentish Cherry is a delight for the keen baker, jam maker and preserver and ripens just in time for the festive season in December. The fruit has bright red skin with lighter coloured flesh, and can be eaten fresh and are on the tarter end of the sweet flavour spectrum when ripe. Whole cherries can be bottled in a sugary spicy syrup to be served with chocolate cake, soft cheese or preserved meat. The complex flavours are a treat for the food enthusiast or professional.

The hardy smaller tree makes an attractive garden specimen with pretty blossom and red fruit in early summer.

• Pollination Group: doesn't require other pollinators
• Uses: cooking, bottling, preserving, jam, eating, frozen when pitted
• Harvest: early; December to January
• Chill requirement: much the same as sweet cherries
• Features: very early ripening in time for the festive baking season; ideal for cooking and jam; very hardy attractive tree

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