Green Pillar (R) Pin Oak (Quercus palusrtris 'Pringreen')

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This oak is quite special. Unlike most oaks which need large garden spaces as they mature, the Green Pillar Pin Oak can find a place in more moderate sized gardens because of its very narrow habit. While ultimately quite tall it only grows to about 3 metres or so wide when fully mature and displays the brilliant autumn foliage associated with pin oaks.

Commonly sold under the trade name GREEN PILLAR, Quercus palusrtris 'Pringreen' was discovered by William Flemer, III of Newplant Associates in a mass planting of Q. palustris 'Crownright' seedlings in 1994.

It is an upright, very narrow, columnar tree with nearly vertical branches and a strong central leader. Q. palusrtris 'Pringreen' has insignificant green catkins that mature into 1cm oval acorns. Its dark green foliage turns deep red to scarlet red in autumn. It grows to 20 metres tall and 3-4 metres wide.

Easily grown in a wide range of soils in full sun. Can tolerate poor drainage and some flooding. May take up to 15-20 years to bear a first crop of acorns.

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