De Boutteville Apple (tall)

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An old cider variety known in Australia. Virtually no references to the history of this variety. We did find a reference in:

A study of cider making in France, Germany, and England with comments and comparisons on American work
by Alwood, William Bradford, Published 1903

to a book co-authored by a M. Lde Boutteville and described thus:
"This is perhaps one of the most important papers in the French literature, comprising the most elaborate notes upon varieties and their chemical composition."

L. de Boutteville et A. Hauchecorne. Le Cidre. A treatise based upon the papers
and discussions delivered before the Cider Congresses held at Rouen 1864 to 1875.

Perhaps the variety is named for M. de Boutteville.

Image from DPI NSW 23/3/15

  • Pollination Group: PG3
  • Uses: Cider, bitter
  • Harvest: March - April