Crofton Red Apple (medium)

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Taken from England to Ireland in the late 1500s or early 1600s and reintroduced to England in 1819. Fruits have firm, somewhat coarse, white flesh with a sweet subacid flavour.

Flesh greenish-white, crisp and juicy with a delicious spicy flavour. Medium, round, flattened, broadly angular fruit. Orange-yellow skin with dark scarlet flush and stripes overlaid with a network of coarse russet veins and dots. No canker or scab noted. The Scarlet or Red Crofton is of ancient cultivation in Ireland. Sir Henry Crofton confirmed to Dr Lamb that the apple was brought to Ireland during the time of Queen Elizabeth I by the founder of the Crofton family in Ireland.

  • Pollination Group: PG3
  • Uses: Eating
  • Harvest: March-April

Reference 23/3/15

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