Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia 'Burnley Select')

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Ulmus parvifolia 'Burnley Select' was grown from seed taken from a tree at the Burnley (horticultural) College, University of Melbourne and selected by Dr Peter May. Some of the Heritage Fruit Trees team studied horticulture at Burnley so we had to include this tree in our catalogue for old times sake and because it is a beautiful farm or garden-worthy tree. Chinese Elms have relatively small leaves compared to other elm species and they may stay on the tree all year or be semi-deciduous depending on the growing conditions. The glossy green leaves usually turn yellow in autumn if they are going to fall. The mottled bark is another feature.

• Uses: ornamental tree, shade tree, specimen tree, avenue tree, parks, street tree, bonsai
• Size: 9 metres high x 6 metres wide depending on conditions
• Features: attractive form, mottled bark and glossy green leaves

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