Beurre Diel Pear

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A chance seedling found in 1805, by M. Meuris the head gardener for Dr. Van Mons at the Chateau of Perck near Vilvoorde. Van Mons named it in honour of his friend Dr. Augustus Frederick Adrien Diel, a distinguished German pomologist. Lemon-yellow, rough, russeted skin with a faint pinkish-red blush. Flesh is firm, yellowish-white, becoming tender and melting, granular near the core, juicy, sweet, aromatic and rich. A highly regarded pear.

Pollination Group: Buerre Bosc, Williams, Comice, Winter Nellis, Winter Cole, Doyenne Du Comice, Yellow Huffcap, Durondeau, Easter Beurre.
Size: Up to 5 metres when mature

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