Plant quarantine within Australia is a little challenging. The Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania each have stringent regulations governing the movement of plants across their respective borders from elsewhere in Australia.

30148673-s.jpgMany east coast nursery businesses do not service these areas due to the complexity involved and/or their inability to meet the standards required.

We have chosen to meet the requirements so we can service the demand for our products in WA and Tasmania. Over the years we have received many requests to send our products to these states and since beginning to do so, many sincere expressions of thanks.

With almost zero demand and difficult and expensive quarantine requirements we do not service the Northern Territory.

In order to send plants to WA and Tasmania we must each year meet and renew an Interstate Certification Assurance called ICA29. This specifies an operational 75069639-s.jpgprocedure for treating plants and the protocols for issuing a Plant Health Assurance Certificate to accompany orders.

The operational procedure includes the treatment of all plant material with pesticides and fungicides prior to dispatch. Apart from these treatments we minimise the use of agricultural chemicals in our operations.

Our packages are inspected at the border, i.e. mail centre, in Tasmania and WA before continuing their journey to our customers. The Western Australian Government charges a fee for these inspections, the Tasmanian Government does not.

In order to minimise extra costs and disruption for our WA customers we have agreed to pay for an inspection of a sample of each batch of parcels we send on behalf of our customers. We attempt to recoup these costs in our overall Shipping Charge. However since WA quarantine regulations are outside our control we cannot guarantee that these arrangements will remain unchanged. Our acceptance of orders from WA customers does not bind us to pay charges that may be charged directly to our customers by the WA Government.

As well as the wide-ranging quarantine requirements for WA and Tasmania there are various plant/species-based bans or special requirements to meet to send plants to other states.

For example we cannot send grapevines outside Victoria without heat treatment. The equipment required and annual testing and calibration protocols are too complex and expensive for the relatively small numbers we could sell nationally.

91023809-s.jpgHope that explains what we do and why.

Many thanks to our much valued customers all over Australia who share our passion for home grown fruit, royalty-free distribution of natural genetic resources and the conservation of diversity.