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Dabinett Apple (tall)

Vintage quality, i.e. well enough balanced in sugar, tannin and acid content to make a single variety cider. An old cider apple which arose in the Martock area Somerset. Believed to have been named after a Mr Dabinett. Possibly a seedling of Chisel...

De Boutteville Apple (tall)

$22.45 - $29.95
An old cider variety known in Australia. Virtually no references to the history of this variety. We did find a reference in: A study of cider making in France, Germany, and England with comments and comparisons on American workby Alwood, William...

Frequin Rouge Apple (tall)

Apple 'Frequin Rouge' is a French cider variety also called 'Frequin Rouge Amer'. Small cone-shaped red apples with stripes, grow on vigorous trees. Bitter flavour with some sweetness. • Pollination Group: PG3-4 • Uses: cider, bittersweet...

Somerset Redstreak Apple (tall)

Thought to have originated in the Sutton Montis area of Somerset. As a result of its good performance in a 1917 trial at the National Fruit & Cider Institute together with good orchard performance at Burghill, Hereford, it was subsequently propagated...