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Bulmer's Norman Apple (tall)

Originally  from Normandy, France, it was developed by H.P. Bulmer & Co., Ltd., in Hereford, England. Fruits are medium to large. Tends to be biennial. Vigorous, spreading habit. Skin yellow-green, smooth and waxy, blush rare, russet in...

Improved Foxwhelp Apple (tall)

From Bulmers, Hereford, England, prior to 1920. One of the premier cider making apples. Mild bittersharp, early. Striped bright red over pale yellow base.Ideal blender, can be biennial. Pollination Group: PG3 Uses: Cider Harvest: March - April Features:...

Michelin Apple (tall)

Raised by M. Legrand of Yvetot, Normandy, France, it first fruited in 1872. It was named after M. Michelin of Paris, one of the original promoters appointed by the French Government for the study of cider fruits. Introduced into Herefordshire in 1884 by...

Somerset Redstreak Apple (tall)

Thought to have originated in the Sutton Montis area of Somerset. As a result of its good performance in a 1917 trial at the National Fruit & Cider Institute together with good orchard performance at Burghill, Hereford, it was subsequently propagated...

Stoke Red Apple (tall)

This variety gained attention in the 1920s when surveys found trees growing in Rodney Stoke, Somerset. The trees are fairly vigorous and crop quite heavily. Produces a sharp, slightly astringent juice and a fine, sharp cider. One of the best. Fruit...

Tremlett's Bitter Apple (tall)

Originated in the Exe Valley, Devon. Flowers are very sensitive to frost which may contribute to the trees biennial cropping pattern. Susceptible to scab. Good crop wiith up to 3 weeks storage. Produces a full bittersweet cider. Contains public...

Verité Apple (tall)

Originated in France. Recorded in 1876. Fruits have firm, greenish white flesh with a slightly sweet, subacid flavour. Pollination Group: PG5 Uses: Cider, eating, juice Harvest: April - May Features: SHARP  © Crown Copyright Contains...