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Bramley's Seedling Apple (stepover)

One of the worldÂ’s great apples, with a great story, and commercially still the most popular cooking apple grown in the UK. It is particularly high in vitamin C and keeps well. Raised by Mary Ann Brailsford, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England between...

Five Crown (London Pippin) Apple (stepover)

Very old cooking and eating apple with the distinctive 5-lobed base. Originated in either Essex or Norfolk. It was recorded in 1580. Fruits have crisp, white, acid flesh. Of its many synonyms Five Crown is the most widely used in Australia. Pollination...

Granny Smith Apple (stepover)

Originated in Australia in from a chance seed thrown out by Mrs. Thomas Smith, Ryde, NSW. Mrs Smith was born in Peasmarsh, Sussex in 1800 and emigrated to Australia in 1838. Trees were fruiting in 1868. Seeds were thought to have been from French Crab...

Gravenstein Apple (stepover)

Considered by many to be one of the best all round apples in the world. Said to have originated either in the garden of the Duke of Augustenberg, Castle of Graefenstein, Schleswig-Holstein or in Italy or Southern Tyrol and sent to Schleswig-Holstein, or...

McIntosh Apple (stepover)

Discovered in 1796 by John McIntosh near Dundela, Dundas County, Ontario, Canada. Propagated by Allan McIntosh. It was introduced and named in about 1870. Fruits have white, rather soft, fine-textured, very juicy flesh with a sweet, pleasant vinous...