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Fenouillet Gris Apple (medium)

Originated at Anjou, France. It was first described in 1608. Fruits have fine, crisp, white flesh with a sweet and aniseed flavour.   Pollination Group: PG2 Uses: Eating Harvest: April - May

Scarlet Nonpareil Apple (medium)

Apple 'Scarlet Nonpareil' was raised in about 1773 in the garden of an inn at Esher, Surrey. Received the Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1901. Fruits have fine, creamy white flesh with a subacid and rich flavour. •...

Sturmer Pippin Apple (medium)

Raised by nurseryman Dillistone at Sturmer, Suffolk, England. First recorded in 1831. Fruits have very firm, fine-textured, juicy flesh with a little subacid and rich aromatic flavour. This one is a good keeper, lasting right through winter. Matures in...

Sundowner™ (Cripp's Red) Apple (medium)

Very late, low chill cultivar with good storage. Sugar levels improve with storage. Bred by John Cripps WA Dept. of Agriculture in 1973  from a crossing of Golden Delicious' × 'Lady Williams', from which Cripps Pink (Pink Lady™) was also...

Verité Apple (medium)

Originated in France. Recorded in 1876. Fruits have firm, greenish white flesh with a slightly sweet, subacid flavour. Pollination Group: PG5 Uses: Cider, eating, juice Harvest: April - May Features: SHARP  © Crown Copyright Contains...